Races group is in IT industry for more than 12 years. From customised software development, it has gradually expanded its base. Races Solutions, the first venture in the IT industry, focused on tailor made software development, involving structural changes for cost effectiveness. In fact customised software was one of the tool used for managing the required structural changes.

Over a period of time expanded its base in networking and seperated networking and restructuring solutions activities to RACES INFOTECH and RACES ASSOCIATES. We entered the media industry few years back.

A new entity, RACES INDIA was formed, to control and coordinate, the activities of all ventures, so as to streamline and bring them under one roof.

Now, RACES INDIA offers all services, that are required by business. Restructuring of company or group including Capital, Production process, HR redesigning, back office automation and network communication, product designing and marketing it by running suitable publicity campaign.